Portal Design

• Improve Advisor Interactions

• Brand Differentiation

• Increase Client Retention


Client Portals are a Marketing Opportunity

One of the most valuable assets that a financial brand may own is an icon on a client's home screen. A well designed portal enhances advisor communications, provides real-time interactions, and ultimately increases client retention.

Dashboards Make Your Brand Real-Time

An easy-to-read dashboard drives client satisfaction by providing a convenient personalized executive summary.

Task Lists Smooth Advisor Requests

Gamification techniques can transform the drudgery of gathering information into an rewarding quest for wealth.

Wizards Speed Onboarding

Streamlining a client signup is an opportunity to turn a positive first impression into the start of a long-term relationship.

AI Personalizes Client Content

By providing context for shared documents, a portal may improve collaboration between advisors and clients.

Storefronts Bridge Brand Collaboration

Opening doors to external accounts allows financial brands to become an essential hub for their clients.